The Master Programme in Humanitarian Action (HA)​ was ​developed and is run jointly by the​ Faculty of Law & Administration and the ​Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, in cooperation with partner universities associated in the Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA)​. It is part of the NOHA Joint Masters in International Humanitarian Action. The Programme is full-time and taught entirely in English.

In light of the growing need to professionalize the humanitarian sector, the Programme provides students with a broad education and training in the area of international humanitarian action, in which critical thinking and research skills are emphasised. Moreover, the interdisciplinary Master’s degree combines theoretical and analytical knowledge and skills with a more hands-on approach. Courses are taught by a combination of in-house experts and field-experienced guest lecturers.

​​The Programme in HA has both specialised and interdisciplinary dimensions and offers education primarily in the area of political science and law, but also in management, anthropology and public health. Moreover, the curriculum offers several practical elements (i.e. simulations, obligatory internship) which enhances the graduates' prospects on the job market.

As part of the programme, the students undertake two semesters of mobility. The first of them (orientation period/thematic specialty) is commenced at one of the NOHA partner university in Europe, whereas the second (regional specialty) is an introduction to one's own research in a selected part of the world (Eastern Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South-East Asia, South Africa, North America), continued during the preparation of the master thesis. The second mobility will be available only from academic year 2017/2018 onwards.

The goal of the Programme is thus to train high level, committed, interdisciplinary trained personnel who can function with enhanced professionalism and full awareness of the social, political, legal, cultural and security environment, and who can provide quality services in the broad field of humanitarian relief, informed on their theoretical insights and humanitarian principles.

The Programme in Humanitarian Action is intended for individuals working in or aspiring to work in the field of humanitarian relief and international cooperation, in particular in humanitarian agencies, multilateral aid institutions, NGOs and private foundations, government agencies and well as think tank/research centres focusing on humanitarian and development assistance.

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