Faculty Library

Collegium Iuridicum I
Obozna 6, Street
00-927 Warsaw, Poland
tel. +48/22 55-24-351 fax: +48/22 55-20-746

email: biblio@wpia.uw.edu.pl

Open hours:

October - June
Juli and September

The Faculty maintains its own library and a reading room in The Collegium Iuridicum I building. The library serves as a general library for both the students and staff of the Faculty, and it was founded in 1963 when all the libraries of chairs and departments (save for Roman Law and Papyrology) were joined together.

The Library stocks more than 180 thousand volumes and a selection of national and foreign scientific periodicals. The book collection includes numerous valuable items published before the WWII, in the 19th century and before. The students’ reading room is equipped with internet access: there are PC work-stations, allowing both internet and on-line library catalogue browsing as well as access to legal databases (Polish Legal Bibliography, Judicature Database, Lex Polonica Maxima). The on-line catalogue covers the newest acquisitions of the Library (since 1997).Every student may use books on the spot, though a student card is required.

University Library

University of Warsaw Library
Dobra 56/66 Street
00-312 Warszawa, Poland
tel. +48/22 55-25-178, +48/22 55-25-179

 University of Warsaw Library is an important venue for any student, and it has much to offer to law students as well. The Foreign Law Schools (German, French, American and English) have deposited their book collections in the Main University Library, where they are accessible in the free access section. The Library stocks a collection of legal textbooks, periodicals etc. which complements the collection available at the Faculty Library.

You will easily find remarkable new library building, which will play the role of anchor to the new campus in statu nescendi. It is located just two blocks from the main campus, in the Powiśle district at 56/66 Dobra Street: look for giant copper plates representing various scripts that decorate the Library facade (in the right wingg you will find the didactic rooms of the Faculty of Law). The Library is equipped to provide working places for 1000 simultaneous user, and the computer system allows 256 simultaneous sessions. A great part of the Library collection can be accessed freely.

University of Warsaw libraries catalogue: look