Spanish and European Law Centre

Faculty Law and Administration, Warsaw University
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warsaw, Poland

Director: Maria Supera-Markowska, M.A.
tel. (+48 22) 55 20 104

Spanish and European Law Centre was established by Law and Administration Faculty Warsaw University in cooperation with Law Faculty, Valencia University and Polish-Spanish Cooperation and Development Foundation. Spanish and European Centre was inaugurated on 1st January 2004.

Within the framework of the Centre School of Spanish Law was set up. Apart it is among Centre’s competences to:

  • realize joint educational venture and Course activities by Law and Administration Faculty Warsaw University and Law Faculty University of Valencia
  • realize joint works, scientific projects and researches in the field of European law and others
  • prepare joint analyses, reports and recommendations indicating the possibility of using Spanish experiences in the area of actions supporting law’s harmonisation
  • compile joint scientific publications, publishing ventures and exchange information
  • organize joint seminars and conferences
  • students, postgraduates and academic employees exchanges

Above mentioned tasks are to be realized in participation and cooperation with other universities as well as national and abroad units.

School of Spanish Law

The Course lasts two semesters. Classes are held in Spanish by Spanish university tutors. Curriculum covers basics of Spanish law, with elements of economic, commercial and financial law as well as the matters important as far as small and medium enterprises are concerned.

The first semester, lasting from march to June 2004, covers 5 modules 15 or 20 hours each. It includes following issues:

  • legal and political system of Spain (15h)
  • Spanish court’s system (15h)
  • Spanish administrative and economic law (15h)
  • Spanish public finances with particular attention to Spanish entrepreneur’s tax law (20h)
  • labour contracts and agreements (15h)

The second semester, lasting from October 2004 to January 2005 covers 4 modules, 20 hours each, including following issues:

  • Spanish company law and commercial agreements
  • Spanish and European competition law
  • Spanish and European consumer law
  • Spanish public law and MSP

Classes take place once or twice a week at Law and Administration Faculty Warsaw University :

  • for 15 hours modules: Friday 15.15-20.05 and Saturday 8.00-15.05
  • for 20 hours modules: Thursday and Friday 15.15-20.05 and Saturday 8.00-15.05

The Studies are meant for students and graduates of Law and Administration Faculty Warsaw University, other Warsaw University faculties and interested students of other universities. It should be emphasised that participation offer is also intended for public administration employees; persons dealing with UE issues, structural funds, creating national executive provisions pursuant to European legislation; polish entrepreneurs concerned direct or indirect forms of activity at Spanish market.