The School of Polish Law

University of Warsaw Law Faculty stands at the very center of both public and private law theory and practice in Poland. The professors at the Faculty are not only researchers, teachers and experts in law: as judges of the highest courts and tribunals, civil servants and members of the Parliament they also take active part in and stimulate the most important changes in Poland. Our professors offer students their unique expertise as well as up-to-date public and private law debates. Their knowledge and experience will allow you to learn about Polish law at first hand. The Diploma Dissertation required at the School involves a number of tutorials, which should allow the student to appreciate their subject.

All lecturers at the School display the highest level of expertise and work with best law firms. The following should be especially mentioned in alphabetical order:

  • dr R. Stroiński is a Harvard Law School Graduate and a member of the New York Bar.
  • Prof. M. Wyrzykowski is a judge on the Polish Constitutional Tribunal as well as lecturer at Central European University in Budapest.
  • Prof. E. Zielińska contributed to the establishment of the ICC in Hague.

The School of Polish Law is intended to be a two-semester programme offered by the Faculty of Law and Administration to foreign students as well as foreign professionals intent on broadening their knowledge of Polish law. The School of Polish Law ' s mission is to provide instruction in the basic principles and provisions of Polish law. All courses are taught in English.

The programme has been designed to provide students with as opportunity to earn full 60 ECTS a structured, English-taught syllabus. Students on a one-semester scholarship complete 30 credits.

To obtain the School of Polish Law Diploma, students are required to complete the compulsory courses, write a diploma dissertation under a tuition of a Law Faculty staff as well as successfully complete four elective courses (it is also possible to follow Polish-taught courses).

Further Information and course descriptions:

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