"The evolution of corporate mobility in the US and the EU" (31.05)

Common Law Society – University of Warsaw has a great pleasure to invite you
to an open presentation and discussion on:

"The evolution of corporate mobility in the US and the EU"

·      can a Polish citizen create a British private limited company in the
       UK and carry out all its business in Poland?

·      can a German entrepreneur relocate his business entirely to Poland
       without having to register as a Polish company?

·      did Americans face the same problems? When and how did they deal with

·      what is regulatory competition and how did it develop in the US and
       is it going to develop in the EU?

To find out the answers to the above questions and get to know more about
American corporate law, please join us at the discussion!

The presentation will be delivered by Miłosz Jóźwiak (5th year law student
at the University of Warsaw Law Faculty).

Date and Venue: May 31 (Tuesday), 18:30, Room 102 Collegium Iuridicum III,

Special guests:
Prof. Stuart R. Cohn (LL.B. Yale) – University of Florida Fredric G. Levin
College of Law,
Dr Rafał Stroiński (LL.M. Harvard) – University of Warsaw Faculty of Law.

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