University of Warsaw Senat Resolution concerning the threats to Poland's democratic state of law

March 21, 2007
concerning the threats to Poland's democratic state of law

The Senate of the University of Warsaw observes with apprehension the growing manifestations in Poland's political and social life of instrumental treatment of the law, the "takeover" of public institutions by governing political parties, the ideologization of social and economic relations, and the incursions on the independence of the press - above all as concerns public radio and television. Our concern is elicited by: the declining quality of legislation and the irrational proliferation of lawmaking activity; efforts to undermine the authority of the courts; attacks on the independence of the Constitutional Tribunal; the de facto liquidation of the Civil Service; instances of blatant disregard for the principle of innocence until proven guilty; abuses of the institution of temporary arrest and disrespect for the dignity of those detained; and the politicization of prosecutor's offices. Another dangerous matter is that of the propensity toward ever greater use of repressive measures in the aim of steering public life.

The shape that the process of lustration is taking prompts deep reservations. The provisions of the currently binding law on lustration raise serious ethical and constitutional doubts. This engenders a situation in which many upright citizens, in following their own consciences and out of wise concern for the public interest, must choose between submitting to the provisions of the law on lustration, or refusing obedience.

Taken together, these matters work to undermine the foundations of the democratic state of law and the principles of civil society. In so doing they lower the standards of social life. We cannot remain passive in the face of such a situation.

The Senate of the University of Warsaw calls upon the entire academic community to support our position.

Chair of the Senate
of the University of Warsaw
Professor Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow

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